Staying Healthy At Our YMCA

Our Y continues to strive for responsible, informed and proactive measures to diminish the spread of flu and coronavirus. We will diligently follow the leadership of the CDC, local health departments and government officials to implement the most effective strategies and operational standards to ensure the safety of our members, participants, staff, guests and volunteers.

Although we have suspended facility operations until further notice, our licensed child care centers for School Age Participants and our Early Learning Centers will continue to operate at the following locations with the same schedule:

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Letters from our CEO

A MESSAGE FROM OUR CEO – Scott County YMCA March 31, 2020 (Click here)

UPDATE: Fitness Center operations will remain suspended until further notice. We continue to provide critical services to at-risk populations and safe child care to essential workforce families including first responders, health care professionals, and needed supply chain for goods and services.

Previous CEO Messages and Statements are at the bottom of this page.

Suspension Of Services – Extended School Out Services

Excepts from our CEO Letter:

“For over 161 years, our local Y has walked in the direction of challenge. We have re-evaluated what it means to be Americans, to be human beings, and to be a YMCA. As we have since 1858, this Y will utilize our time-tested mission as an anchor for an entire community’s crucial response to this global challenge…

…In the near term, we are pivoting our resources to best support the most-pressing needs in our community. We are aligning with our community partners – our schools, agencies and businesses – to serve parents who must continue to work. We must ensure that healthcare workers, first-responders and “essential” service providers are able to perform their duties to keep us safe. We will support the efforts of those called to provide the necessary food, products and services to weather this challenge. These families need safe and reliable places and loving and trained caretakers for their children. Our YMCA will absolutely be there for them.

Therefore, we will continue to offer safety-intensified Out Of School Programs for Elementary-aged children. We will also continue with heightened measures to allow our YMCA Early Learning Centers to remain open to provide Child Care during regular hours so that our trusted, safety-certified instructors will ensure children are safe, and their minds will continue to thrive. In addition to these vital programs, our Y will continue to provide nearly-as-critical social services to vulnerable populations like the youth and teens in our Outreach Programs, and older adults in our cancer-support and disease prevention programs.  We will use phone calls, texts and social media to engage, empathize and demonstrate their importance in comprising the greater soul of our society…

We ask that you join us in the effort . We ask that you continue to invest in your membership so that we can maintain vital, life-changing, and life-saving programs at the Y.  If necessary, we will certainly put your membership on hold. We will have this capability online as soon as possible. We will also maintain staff at our Welcome Centers who can assist changing memberships over the phone…”

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Thank you donors, volunteers, members and staff!

Together we are able to provide the following:

  • Safe Child Care for infants and preschoolers and school age families working essential community jobs
  • Staff able to deep-clean, disinfect, and ensure our facilities are as safe as possible
  • Outreach to critical populations, especially our at-risk youth and teens and older adults
  • Virtual programs and classes, with opportunities for videos and importantly, the chance to interact live
  • Operational ability to continue collaborating and meeting community needs

Has the Y ever suspended portions of operations before?

Yes, but it’s been awhile! The last time our local YMCA here in Scott County suspended services was the CIVIL WAR!

We have provided or created some lasting services due to great global challenges:

  • Child Care during the World Wars when mothers worked in factories
  • The USO to serve soldiers when they return
  • Programs to combat obesity and disease

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Primary Sources Of Updates And Information

Our YMCA’s Official Statement:

A Letter From Brad Martell,
CEO, Scott County Family YMCA

Please read the important letter below:

UPDATE: Public access to YMCA services will remain suspended indefinitely until we are advised to open

A MESSAGE FROM OUR PRESIDENT & CEO – Scott County YMCA March 17, 2020

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