Safety is a top priority as we follow our State, County & CDC Guidelines

UPDATE VERSION 6/10 at 9pm

Thank you! We are humbled, honored and blessed to have received such an incredible outpouring of support these past two months. We appreciate all of our members and participants, and we completely understand the tough decisions that are taking place every day. Serving this community and providing the same mission since 1858 shows the power we have when we come together. Combined, we are building an awesome community. We are so happy to see everyone again, to connect, tell stories, and find common ground! Thanks for your patience. We are honored to serve so many people, from all different backgrounds, from all over the community. We are stronger together, and we're ready to begin the next chapter in the awesome history of our YMCA!


    • A return to our "New Normal" begins 6/12

      • Hot tubs, steam rooms, and sauna
      • Day Passes will be available
      • Pick Up Basketball is permitted
      • Youth 10 & up may enter facility
        • Standard processes apply
        • 14 & up for use of strength/cardio equipment
        • 16 & up for treadmills
        • 7 & under in Child Watch without parents (12 & under at Utica)
      • Nation-wide membership is still NOT permitted at this time (Y-USA policy)
      • Child Watch schedule is available; hours limited based on need.
      • Group Exercise will begin in limited areas to maintain spaces and access


    • Safety Updates and Enhancements

      • Enhanced cleaning protocols per CDC guidance - including new training program for all custodians and leadership staff
      • Spaced equipment out 6’ or greater where possible. 
      • Some equipment will not be able for use if not 6' distance
      • Added additional hand sanitizer stations throughout the building.
      • Added PPE equipment for our staff.
      • Added sneeze guards at our membership desk.
      • Ordered electrostatic disinfectant sprayers to sanitize our facilities. 
      • Increased air flow in spaces where possible.
      • Increased educational signage related to COVID-19 
      • All staff will be wearing a face covering or face shield.


    • Your Support Created Great Community Impact!

      • Our Essential Working Family Child Care has been visited 2,000 times at our two locations.
      • We delivered food and sanitary products to families in need.
      • We visited from a distance, called and checked in with dozens of our senior members. We even mowed a couple lawns!
      • Several of the at-risk teens in our Outreach Program were able to continue their school plans, graduate from high school, complete college financial assistance, and work at jobs that helped them to stay positive.
      • Our "Virtual YMCA" programs have been viewed over 125,000 time


    • Financial Assistance "Bridge Memberships"

      • Made possible by donor support to our Annual Campaign
      • 3-month memberships that are fully sponsored and have no cost
      • Available to members who were active on March 1st, and
      • Had a job at that time, and
      • No longer have their job available
      • For more information, after we return to services on 5.18, stop in or give us a call and we'll be happy to help!
      • Not a Y Member, but still need assistance?
        • Our Financial Assistance program makes it easy for all
        • Click here for more information and visit us today!


  • Child Care

    • For Essential Workers and Extended School Out Programs continue to provide services
    • Click here for information, contact and sign up
  • Summer Camp

      • Day Camp will be offered at YMCA Camp Abe Lincoln
      • Day Camp will be provided at Scott County Locations (TBD)
      • More details to be determined
      • Resident/Overnight Camp is CANCELLED
  • Youth Sports and Other Programs

    • Soccer and Baseball WILL proceed on the turf at TBK Bank Sports Complex - TBD when per Governor's Instruction
    • Gymnastics Center and other branch programs TBD per Governor's Instruction
    • Swim Lessons and other programs are suspended TBD per Governor's Instruction


  • Community Outreach

    • Crisis help is available
      • Providing food, shelter and safety checks for at-risk teens and seniors
      • Volunteer opportunities
      • Achievers Program Participants providing safe help to seniors
    • Click here to contact Tyler for information, ideas, or opportunities
      • Outreach phone number is 563.345.4258
      • Watch "Jordan's Story" -- what YMCA Outreach is all about


  • Virtual YMCA

    • From yoga on the beach, to exercise in the mountains
    • Living Room Gymnastics and Workouts with Trainers
    • Click here for information, schedules and classes



Our YMCA In These Unprecedented Times

We are committed to remaining sustainable, reliable, and available to our community.

Our YMCA provides nearly $1.6 million in direct community benefit every year. More than just a gym or fitness center, our community counts on us for a multitude of programs and services. Member, donor and volunteer support is the backbone of our YMCA, and our community.

Therefore, we made the decision to keep bank drafts active, and give members the opportunity to continue on, to suspend, or to cancel. We sent the information out within the hour of the Governor's official announcement regarding gyms and fitness centers, and we updated our process to make it simple, and easy.  This decision enabled us to keep our full-time staff on payroll, and they were able to continue providing important services, deep clean and sanitize our facilities, and prepare for the eventual re-opening of our branch facilities for membership-based services.

Information and opportunity are in a constant state of change. We are grateful for our leadership at all levels, and we will take the recommendations of the CDC, federal, state, and local government and health departments, and ensure we are able to build community through programs and services available to all.


Our staff was also able to secure funding that will provide 90-day “Bridge Memberships” to help our members as of March 1 whose jobs are still unavailable after the Governor lifts restrictions.
The YMCA builds common ground. We are the leading entity for bring people of all backgrounds, races, religions and incomes together in a caring, respectful environment that builds the healthy spirits, minds and bodies of today, that will build the vibrant, inclusive community of tomorrow.
Please stay safe and we look forward to serving you in the future!

Has the Y ever suspended portions of operations before?

Yes, but it's been awhile! The last time our local YMCA here in Scott County suspended services was the CIVIL WAR!

We have provided or created some lasting services due to great global challenges:

  • Child Care during the World Wars when mothers worked in factories
  • The USO to serve soldiers when they return
  • Programs to combat obesity and disease

Primary Sources Of Updates And Information

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Corporate Communications Director
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