New Davenport YMCA Capital Project

Building For Generations

The New Downtown Davenport YMCA

A Regional Community Investment Connecting Generations Of QC Families

A Letter From The Campaign Chair And CEO

The Scott County Family YMCA was chartered in 1858. It has served many generations through the
past 160 years. Our mission statement has provided us with a singular focus from our first day of
existince and on, throughout a dynamic and responsive connection to our community:

“To put Chrisitan principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.”

This present capital campaign represents the future of downtown Davenport utilizing the momentum
generated from our community leaders over the past 160 years. The YMCA’s new community center
will be an anchor for continued economic development while also serving as the gateway connecting
the downtown into the east side corridor and on to Bettendorf and the new I-74 bridge.

Like the generations of leaders before us, it is now our turn to invest in our community, our
children and their children into the next 60 years. The project cost is around $20 million. We know
this investment in downtown Davenport will not only impact youth and families, but will also be
an economic catalyst that will continue to make our downtown sector thrive while propelling our
community forward into the next 60 years!

Building On History

The community development and mission service process remains the same through
three centuries: from the 1800s, to the 1900s and now into the 21st century. Like
lumberman J.W. Crossen back in the 1850s, our business, economic and civic leaders
are sharing resources to empower our YMCA to use its mission to connect our citizens.
Today, we are investing in our fifth flagship location in the heart of our region. Our
centers are literal human development and civic engagement amplifiers that have
continuously played a significant role in our region’s national advancement.