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Universal Preschool in Davenport

  • A unique collaboration between the Y, Palmer College and Davenport Schools.
  • Funded by the Department of Education
  • No income guidelines to qualify for participation
  • FREE preschool program.
  • Children must be 4 years old by September 15th of the current school year.
  • Children enrolled full-time at the Downtown Early Learning Center or at Newcomb Early Learning Center that are age eligible will be transported daily to and from the Preschool Site.
  • Also available: Preschool for 3-year olds $65 per week

9-11:30 am OR 12:30-3 pm
Preschool Location: Palmer/YMCA Learning Center, 724 N Harrison Street
Contact:  Jazmin Mendez Barradas @ 563-323-4668

Preschool Location: Newcomb YMCA Learning Center, 2619 N Division Street
Contact: Megan den Blaauwen @ 563-345-6511

All day preschool
Preschool Location: Davenport YMCA Learning Center, 624 E. 4th Street
Contact: Brent Ayers @ 563-323-5770

Enrollment Packet
Preschool/Early Learning Center Enrollment Packet (NEEDS APPROVED PDF — OR GOOGLE DOC?)

PEP (Preschool Education Partnership)

A strong community exists through partnership. The Davenport Schools is a key part of the way the YMCA fulfills its mission and strengthens the community. The Preschool Eduction Partnerships, or PEP, is an example of our community working together!

Children’s Village Hoover, 1002 Spring Street | Phone: 563-322-7649

Children’s Village West, 1757 West 12th Street | Phone: 563-823-2086

Contact : Brent Ayers @ 563-323-5770