Overnight Camps

The Resident Camp program at YMCA Camp Abe Lincoln is a world where imagination comes alive!  Campers spend a magical week participating in their choice of daily activities while making friends and creating lasting memories on Camp Abe Lincoln’s beautiful 250 acres.
“My child has done day camp. What’s the difference?”  Great question!  Overnight camps offer more extensive programs and provide more growth opportunity for your child.
  • Friendships blossom quickly and more deeply when they are with their cabin mates for 6 straight days
  • Progression program allows for new skills every year in canoeing, archery, outdoor living skills, equine, arts, athletics, fishing, and music
  • All camp night activities are a favorite; including Swim Under the Lights, Camp Carnival, Kickball Tournaments, and Wild and Crazy Kids to name a few
  • Zip Lines, the Alpine Climbing Tower, and horse trail rides are offered only for overnight campers
  • Intentional situations are created to build independence, teambuilding and leadership skills
  • The feeling of community is built upon decades of traditions: opening and closing campfires, wish sticks, camp songs, and night hikes

Traditional Overnight Camp

Ages 8-14

One week sessions beginning June 10 through August 10

Our traditional resident camp program is what we are best known for in the area.  Campers stay in cabins with other campers of the same gender and similar age.  During the week, campers will have the opportunity to choose their own adventure and pick what they want to really focus on and earn progression patches; programs include archery, arts and crafts, canoes, outdoor living skills, fishing, athletics, music, and more.
Your child’s safety is our first, second and third concern.  We will make sure your child has an experience in adventure and character development without risking the physical or emotional safety of your child. Give your child the experience to grow with a week of resident camp.
Per week:
Y Member: $399
Community Pricing:  $449
As always, extra financial assistance is available.

Starter Camp    

Ages 6-8    

June 3-5, June 17-19 & July 1-3

Not sure if your younger camper is quite old enough for a full overnight experience? Starter camp is the perfect trial period. Your camper will stay for a half week of camp, Sunday through Tuesday, and stay in a cabin with campers just like themselves.  Give it a try and see if your camper is going to be ready for the full week!
Y Member: $199
Community Pricing:  $249
As always, extra financial assistance is available.

Resident Horse Camp

Ages 10-14

One week sessions beginning June 10 through August 10

Horse camp is an experience that your child will never forget.  Your child’s time at camp will be focused on not only riding horses but also taking care of them as well.  Your child will have a horse that will be theirs for the entire week that they will be brushing, cleaning and learning to ride.  In the afternoon, your child will join back with their cabin and participate in cabin and large group activities with everyone else.  Your child will not be able to thank you enough for giving them this opportunity.
Y Member: $499
Community Pricing:  $549
As always, extra financial assistance is available.

Teen Camps

As your child progresses through our camping programs, we want to help you prepare them to become independent and ready to take their next step into the world as an adult.  Our Teen Camp programs are designed specifically with that in mind.  By putting them into situations that will make them learn problem solving techniques, they are learning lessons that can be used throughout their entire lives.

Two Week Resident Camp    

Ages 10-14    

June 17-29 & July 29-Aug 10

This camp is two weeks straight and is a great getaway experience for our senior campers.  Your camper will come to camp on a Sunday and stay for two straight weeks.  They will engage in traditional camp activities but will also have the opportunity to camp out by our lake, climb our 50 foot Alpine Tower, and much more.  On the weekend, campers will be camping at an off-site facility to get the feeling of camping in a new place.
The two weeks that your child will have at camp will give them the chance to build even stronger relationships with their cabin mates that one week campers are just not able to do. If your camper is ready for the next step, this is the camp for them.
Y Member: $749
Community Pricing:  $849
As always, extra financial assistance is available.

Teen Camp

Ages 13-15

June 10-29 (Home on Saturdays)

At this age, some kids might start to feel too old or too cool for camp.  Our teen campers know that camp is the cool thing to do in the summer!  For three weeks, they’ll get to do their favorite camp activities with their friends, but they’ll also really start to blossom into young adults.  We’ll help them push their limits and realize their potential.  Each summer, the teen campers decide on how they want to leave their mark and work on a legacy project.  Past projects have included updating program areas and building new camp trails!
Y Member: $599
Community Pricing:  $649
As always, extra financial assistance is available.

Leader in Training

Ages 16-17

June 10-29

Each year, we hire counselors from all across the world to work as counselors at camp. Some of our counselors were campers and many of them completed the Leader in Training (LIT) program, formerly named CIT/WIT program.  If you have a young adult that you think would be a great staff member, enroll them as a L.I.T.  They will be with us for three weeks and will learn what it really takes to be a counselor/staff member.  The first week they will get to be a regular camper and learn about camp.  The second week of camp they will shadow one of our current counselors.  The last week of camp, they will be the lead of a cabin group while our counselors support them.  It is our goal to hire counselors who have completed the L.I.T. program once they are old enough.
Y Member: $249
Community Pricing:  $299
As always, extra financial assistance is available.