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Income-based Rate Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is Income Based Membership Pricing?

A: Income Based Membership Pricing is the Y's rate structure designed to help fulfill our mission of ensuring everyone has the opportunity to join the Y.

Q: How do I apply for Income Based Membership Pricing?

A: Use our online calculator at or to determine your Income Based Membership rate. If you do not have access to the internet, visit your nearest YMCA for more information. In order to receive your Income Based Membership calculated rate you must bring all income documentation to your Y to complete membership registration.

Q: What documents are necessary to complete my Income Based Membership registration?

A: In order to adjust your rate, you must present a current tax return for each adult member contributing income to the household. Income verification is required at the time you join and every two years thereafter. Accepted documents for income verification include a photo ID and IRS Federal form 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ. You will be asked to complete and Income Attestment form on which you will document your annual household income. If an adult member of the household is not required to file taxes, you may present any one of the following for each non-filing adult: a statement of non-filing, social security benefit verification letter or annual statement of benefits from SSA, disability benefits verification letter or annual statement of benefits from SSA, unemployment statement, SNAP benefit card or statement, statement of wages & earnings (W2), state tax form 1040, verification of energy assistance (LIHEAP), Medicaid card or statement, or Hawk-I card or statement. 

You may request verification of non-filing statements by visiting and clicking on “Order a Tax Return or Account Transcript.”

Q. How will you ensure my privacy when reviewing income information?

A. When you present your tax return, a YMCA staff member will view the form right in front of you. They will make a copy with all other information blocked out except for your name, address and AGI then immediately return the form to you. Your rate will be based on your income attestment.

Q: What happens if I don’t want to provide income verification?

A: Regular rates will apply, no adjustments will be made to your membership pricing without this documentation.

Q: What if my circumstances have changed since I filed my tax return?

A: We understand that a tax return may not reflect current circumstances. Divorce, job loss, medical expenses or other situations may not be reflected in your tax documentation. In cases such as these, a Director will work one-on-one with you for possible re-evaluation.

Q: How often can I apply and what are my payment options?

A: After your initial request is approved, you must reapply every two years or when your annual household income changes, whichever occurs first. Payment is accepted by monthly automatic bank draft, two 6 month payments or for the entire year.


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