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Frequently Asked Questions


What if I only need care two days a week?

Our program runs on a weekly basis.  We do not offer part time care. You may bring your child as much or as little as you like (provided you are registered) but you will be billed for a full week's attendance no matter your personal weekly attendance.


What if I don't need care every week?

Becuase of our license capacity and our staff to child ratio, do not offer drop-in services for child care.  All of our participants attend on a regular basis, and are reigstered and billed as such. We do accomodate a once in a while missed week for familiy vacations and things of the sort.  We require that you notify us by the Wednesday before, so we can take you off the billing cyle for the next week.


What kind of training does your staff have?

All of our staff are cleared by the State of Iowa to work with children.  They are all background checked and fingerprinted before ever working in a child care site.  Our staff all have current certification in:

               -CPR (Adult/Child/Infant)

               -First Aid (Adult/Child/Infant)

               -Mandatory Reporter

               -Universal Precautions

All staff are also required to do 6-10 hours of additional child care classes throughout the year.


What does 'State Certified' mean?

State certified means that we follow the State of Iowa's guidlines for operated a child care facility.  There are certain rules we must follow such as teacher to child ratio, cleaning or tables and equipment, activities done with children, and much more.  We have yearly inspections done to ensure that we are following these rules and that are our sites are up to par.  What does this mean to you, the parent?  This means that you are getting the best quality care that you can for your child, and your site is running at it's highest capabilities.


What is your teacher to child ratio?

One teacher per fifteen students


What happens if there is a snow day?

In your parent handbook it states that if there is any sort of cancellation due to weather, that our Kids Clubs will not run.  We will, however, run all day child care at the Downtown Y for any and all Kids Club families that would like to utilize that.


If there is a two hours late start we will be at all sites starting at 6 AM and will stay until school begins.


If there is a two hour early out DUE TO WEATHER we will not be running Kids Club for the afternoon.


What if I have a picky eater or a child with a lot of food allergies?

Though we do provide meals, you are allowed to bring your own meals from home for your child.  Our calendars are posted online and at our sites for your convenience so you will always know what will be served to your child.  All of our food served is peanut free, and we note all of your child's allergies and ensure that they are never served food that will cause an allergic reaction.  If you notify our staff ahead of time of any special food needs (such a vegetarian) we can accomodate your food needs with our meals.


If I miss a day of the program do I get reimbursed for that day?

No. Kids Club and Summer Fun Club run on a weekly rate basis.  Meaning that we do not charge for every day you are there, but rather the week you attend.


What is your refund policy?

If you register for a Kids Day Out or a week of Summer Fun Club that you later find out you do not need, you can cancel and get a refund for what you have paid.  This cancellation notice needs to be given the Wednesday before your week of attendance for Summer Fun Club, and at least 48 hours notice for Kids Days Out in order to get your refund.


What is the difference between your summer program and the Summer Adventures program also offered by The Y?

The main difference is our certification.  Summer Adventures is a day camp that runs throughout the summer, where as Summer Fun Club is a child care facility that runs throughout the summer. Being a child care facility means that we have to be licensed by the State of Iowa, and follow those rules and standards.  Both groups take fun and exciting field trips, both groups have well trained staff, and both groups hold YMCA core values and program excellence.  Here is a side by side comparison so you can see which program meets your needs best:


Summer Fun Club Summer Adventures Meals Inclusive Provided by Parents Cost $138 wk/Y member $148 wk/Non Y member $125 wk/Y member $170 wk/Non Y Member Hours of Operation 6 AM- 6 PM 7:45 AM-5:30 PM Location Downtown Y Riverdale Heights North YMCA West YMCA Bettendorf YMCA