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The YMCA assists all parents in developing character in their children. The "Y" does its work through the programs of Camp Abe Lincoln, Youth Sports, Fitness, Child Care, Solutions, Aquatics Family Activities and Member Services.

The Scott County Family Y, a member of the international YMCA, is an association of members, which shall develop and improve the spiritual, social, mental and physical life of the community regardless of age, sex race, religious preference or national origin in accordance with Christian-Judeo principles. The YMCA carries out this mission through our commitment to accept and demonstrate the positive values of Caring, Honesty, respect and Responsibility.

These programs and memberships help all youth, adults and families to care about their community, respect every person and to accept the responsibility of becoming healthy, active and productive citizens.

A Partnership:
The "Y" - The people of the Quad Cities - The United Way

The Quad Cities' generosity and support from individual, corporation, foundations, Riverboat development Authority, Scott County Regional authority and the United Way of the Quad City Area makes this financial assistance program possible. Through the caring of neighbors, supporters, friends and other responsible members of our community, the "Y" and its annual Partner With Youth/Kids to Camp Annual Campaign is able t provide subsidized memberships and programs.

Our fees are determined through a cost analysis of all elements related to conduction our many programs and services. These fees are necessary to pay the costs of utilities, staffing, insurance and the expenses required to operate a large community service organization. After these fees have been established, we find some people unable to completely pay for our services. The confidential request for financial assistance enables us to fairly and consistently provide assistance for everyone who needs it. This process will also enable the "Y" to accurately report to our community, donors and the United Way how our donor funds are being utilized to their maximum.

Guidelines for the Financial Aid Program

Individuals can receive basic "Y" memberships through financial aid. Normally, a maximum of 50% of the basic member rate can be given in aid assistance. The basic memberships include Youth, Adult and Family.

  1. Membership entitles you to use the gym, pools, track, exercise equipment, weight equipment, and racquetball/squash courts. There is still a charge for classes, clinics, childcare and sports leagues.
  1. The individual must pay for any individual services. Example: Fitness Centers, Personal Training.
  1. Through community support and United Way funding, youth and family programs are subsidized and are generally affordable for all. Normally, program assistance is not available. However, Camp Abe Lincoln, Daycare and School Age Child Care programs will offer financial aid on an individual basis if funds are available. Exceptions may be made for other programs if there is space available or if specific program financial aid has been established. If you are receiving financial aid, no other discounts will be given or can be applied for.
Service To You
  1. In order to best serve you, the financial aid request forms must be completed and returned to any branch of the Scott County Family Y with all requested data. The request will not be processed without proper documentation.
  1. All applications are reviewed by the appropriate committee related to the area for which financial assistance is requested. The following information is used to make the decision of who will receive financial assistance:
  2. A. Review of financial aid form and proof of income.
    B. Size of family
    C. A sliding scale has been adopted to assist in the decision making. This scale is base upon federal poverty standards set by the federal government.
    D. Person interview, if needed.

  1. Financial id is given for membership for six (6) months and must be applied for every six (6) months. One way to re-qualify is to make all your payments.  All applicants that are granted financial aid must pay the applied membership fee. Failure to make all your payment within thirty (30) days of the due date will result in the membership being revoked. Any back balance will have to be paid current in order to renew. If you need to cancel your membership, you must turn in your membership cards before the first day of the month that you will no-longer be using the "Y". If your cards are turned in, we will cancel your balance. This does not affect your chance for applying in the future.
  1. Financial aid is given for child care for the length of the program (i.e. Kid's Club during school year, Summer Fun Club during summer, Daycare is full calendar year.) If you are receiving Financial aid, no other discounts will be given or can be given or can be applied to programs.
  1. Payments can be sent by check or dropped off at the originating YMCA branch. It is the applicant's responsibility to make each of the Membership/Program payments that you agreed to make.

Although the YMCA is a nonprofit agency, we depend on fees to help maintain our services. We are committed to serve people regardless of their income level, but we expect participants to pay a fee based on their financial ability. Contingent upon financial resources of the association and verification of application information, YMCA scholarships will be awarded to applicants.