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Water Fitness Schedule - Effective March 7, 2016 - Updated 3/4/16

Aqua Challenge
A complete workout in shallow and deep water. You will experience aerobic exercises, strength training, core stability movements, and aquatic kickboxing. Higher intensity class.

Warm Water Therapy Program*
This low impact water fitness class is designed for those with limited joint motion, strength, or cardio-respiratory function. Held in Warm Water. Locations: Downtown Davenport

Combo & Combo Express
A unique combination of shallow and deep water exercises. This balanced, high-energy workout includes aerobic, strength, flexibility, and endurance components.

Days End*
Submerge yourself in the comfort of warm water; learn meditation and relaxation techniques to help you unwind and let go. Held in warm water.

Deep Water Exercise
A no-impact class that utilizes belt and noodles for stabilization in deep water. Floatation belts provided but not required.

Shallow Water Exercise
A complete water fitness class that includes aerobic, strength, and flexibility components. Intensity is easily adjusted for all fitness levels.

SilverSplash Healthways
Older Adult Group Water Fitness Program designed to enhance each individual’s quality of life and daily functioning.

Slow and Easy
This class includes a wide range of exercises to maintain flexibility and increase range of motion. Held in warm water.

Walk & Talk
An easy way to make friends and stay in shape with a low impact workout at your own pace.