Spring Sport Programs

Kick-Starter Soccer

Are you looking for your child to find interest in sports at an early age? Kick-Starter's are designed not only for your child but also as a parent to learn the fundamentals of soccer and work on skills to be put forth in a game setting.  This four session clinic is a perfect introduction for your child going into the Pre-K and Kindergarten soccer league. 
When: March 13th - March 16th (4-Day Session)
Where: Eisenhower Elementary
Ages: Pre-K & Kindergarten @ 5:30pm - 6:30pm
         1st-2nd Grade & 3rd-4th Grade @ 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Fee: $15 Y-Members / $30 Community
Registration Deadline: March 10th

Soccer League

Youth Soccer League focuses on the basic skills of dribbling, passing, shooting, and learning field positions. Weekly games allow participants to put the skills they learn in practice into game situations.
When: March 25th - May 20th (No Games April 15th)
Where: Eisenhower Elementary
Time: Saturday Morning's
Age Groups: Pre-K Boys
                   Pre-K Girls
                   Kindergarten Boys
                   Kindergarten Girls
                   1st-2nd Grade Boys
                   1st-2nd Grade Girls
                   3rd-4th Grade Boys
                   3rd-4th Grade Girls
                   5th-6th Grade Boys
                   5th-6th Grade Girls
                   7th-8th Grade Boys
                   7th-8th Grade Girls
Fee: $30 Y-Members / $50 Community
Late Fee: March 12th ($10)
Registration Deadline: March 19th

Volleyball League

Volleyball is an exciting sport combining team play and individual skills. YMCA Volleyball promises no tryouts, no getting cut and no bench warmers! Your child will learn how to bump, set, and spike correctly and the positions of the game. We use the YMCA Games Approach in our coaching methods where your child will learn the sport and have fun. Every child plays at least half of every game while making friends and learning new techniques.

When: April 6th - May 25th
Where: Riverdale Heights
Time: Thursday Night's
Age Groups: Kindergarten
                  1st-2nd Grade
                  3rd-4th Grade
                  5th-6th Grade
                  7th-8th Grade
Fee: $30 Y-Members / $50 Community
Late Fee: March 26th ($10)
Registration Deadline: April 2nd

Flag Football League

The YMCA's flag football program offers several different leagues for children of all ages. Flag football is fun for everyone and a safer alternative for parents who might hesitate letting their children start tackle football. Volunteer coaches, often parents of players, help run each team. Coaches conduct practices and notify parents when players need to arrive for practices and games.
When: April 3rd - May 22nd
Where: Eisenhower Elementary
Time: Monday & Wednesday Night's
Age Groups: Kindergarten
                  1st-2nd Grade 
                  3rd-4th Grade
                  5th-6th Grade
Fee: $30 Y-Members / $50 Community
Late Fee: March 20th ($10)
Registration Deadline: March 27th


The focus of our Youth Track program is to have fun, meet new friends and play in a non-competitive environment. Kids will be able to learn the proper take off position as well as the proper running technique.

When: April 5th - May 24th
Where: Brady Street Stadium
Age Groups: Kindergarten @ 4:30pm - 5:30pm
                 1st-2nd Grade @ 5:30pm - 6:30pm
                 3rd-4th Grade @ 6:30pm - 7:30pm
                 5th-6th Grade @ 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Fee: $30 Y-Members / $50 Community
Late Fee: March 22nd ($10)
Registration Deadline: March 29th