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Bettendorf YMCA and PSP Program

Ben Devaney
(563) 359 9622
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Lynne Smith
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at the Bettendorf YMCA


Click here to contact Ben Devaney, PSP Program Director
or call 563 359 9622

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New! PSP Combine at the Bettendorf YMCA

Test your speed, power, agility and strength! Contest is for boys and girls ages 9 & up, plus and adult division... so bring your parents! Participants will be given 3 attempts on each test (except for the bench press) and the best score will be recorded. Points will be given to the top 3 performers in each test in their respective division. The combine champion will be the athlete with the most points in their division.

Each participant who registers by July 23 will receive a shirt!

Divisions: ages 9-13, 14-18, 19-50 and 50+
Entry fee: $20 for Y members; $30 for nonmembers

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This class is geared toward adults that want to look better, feel better, and move well.  Classes are focused on improving mobility, strength, injury prevention, core stability, and cardiovascular fitness.  Participants will see improvements in overall health and body composition.  Classes are 60 minutes long and meet on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 5:30pm.


For the majority of sports the most direct path to "on the field" or "on the court" improvement is to concentrate on and increase speed, quickness and agility.  All other things being equal, the faster athlete will be the one who gets the playing time, the awards and the scholarships.  The PSP speed development program will help athletes with acceleration, first step quickness, change of direction, and agility.  Athlete's will be taught proper mechanics for linear sprinting and change of direction.  Training will also include plyometrics to help increase force production. 


PSP Strength and Speed is a comprehensive strength and conditioning program.  In addition to speed training and plyometrics, athletes will be given a strength training and core training program to help athletes maximize strength, increase power, and reduce injury.  Training programs are customized to each athlete and to the demands of their sport.  The programs can be for beginners that are looking to learn the techniques and fundamentals of strength training or for those athletes that are more advanced. Training sessions are 60 minutes long and you can sign up for 2 or 3 training sessions per week. 


Whether you are looking to help prevent ACL injury or are returning to sport after injury, our Sportsmetrics program will help keep you healthy and get you back in the game. Athletes will be instructed by a Certified Athletic Trainer and Sportsmetrics Certified instructor to help bridge the gap between injury and return to sport as well as to prevent knee injury.  Sportsmetrics is a program based on research conducted by Cincinnati Sports Medicine Research and Education Foundation.  If has proven that females who participate in this jumping program are less likely to suffer serious knee injury.  Coaching will focus on mechanics of jumping, landing, and running.  Athletes can also expect to see improvements in agility, vertical leap, and speed.

Up to 12 Sports Performance Sessions Per Month (3x per week) - $180/month for YMCA Members, $200/month for Community Members

Up to 8 Sports Performance Sessions Per Month (2x per week) - $120/month for YMCA Members, $135/month for Community Members 

Adult Fitness Class - $50/month for YMCA Members and Community Members

*Call Ben for Group & Team rates - 563 359 9622