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Employee Resources

Payroll Forms

Job Descriptions


Communications info: Templates, samples, etc...

Email Signature




  Accounts Payable forms:

  Purchase Order forms:

Print and complete the Trade Agreement form and forward to COO/CEO for approval.

Once approved, have venodr sign the form and complete membership application(s).

Forward the completed Trade Agreement and membership application(s) to Director of Financial Operations



  Insurance Forms

  • Forms required for Employee Injuries

            (Workers Compensation Forms)

            (submit to Association HR)

Employee report

Supervisor's report

Witness Statement

Physicians Work-Related Injury/Illness Report

Work Place Injury Information for Employee

Work Comp Mileage Form

  • Incident Forms for members/program participant incidents

            (submit to COO)

Incident Report form

Property Incident Report form

Auto Incident Report form (Note there are 2 forms for auto incidents)

Iowa Auto Form (Note there are 2 forms for auto incidents)



       Membership Training Materials  CCC Training Located on Google Drive


Program Forms/Procedures

Photo and Logo Databases

      SCFY Friends - (Flickr)

      •YMCA of the USA

          -Free YMCA Employee Account Required

          -Containts photos, logos, and more...