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YMCA Mission Serves nearly 1 in 3 people in Scott County!

Help us provide over $1.3 million in direct financial assistance!

> Kids get to a trip to Camp Abe Lincoln

> At-risk students are directed to the right path through "ACES" & "Solutions" program

> Seniors receive a caring support

> Folks affected by cancer, diabetes and Pakinson's receive great programs

> Families can work for happiness together with Y Scholarships

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I am a member at one branch of the Scott County Family Y is my membership good at other Y branches?

YES!  A Scott County Family Y membership enables you to use all the YMCA facilities in the entire Quad Cities!  You have access to the Bettendorf, Downtown Davenport, Maquoketa, North, Two Rivers (in Moline, IL) Utica Ridge & West YMCA locations.

If I am a member of the Two Rivers YMCA (in Moline) does my membership allow me to use the Scott County Family Y?

YES!  A YMCA membership enables you to use all the YMCA facilities in the Quad Cities.  The Scott County Family Y and the Two Rivers YMCA have developed a reciprocating membership agreement that allows members access to all Quad Cities YMCA facilities. 

I would like to join the YMCA, but I cannot afford the membership fees. Do you offer financial assistance?

The Scott County Family Y offers quality, affordable programs and services designed to benefit people of all incomes and backgrounds. The YMCA’s annual Partner With Youth campaign generates generous and essential contributions from YMCA members, individuals, corporations and the the United Way, which allows the Scott County Family Y to make the commitment that  no one is turned away due to an inability to pay the membership fee.  Financial assistance is available to qualifying individuals within the YMCA’s available resources.

How much does a membership to the Scott County Family Y cost?

We celebrate that every person and every family has a unique, God-given potential. Therefore, we have a membership structure that reflects this belief. Click here to see how our "Your Y-Your Way" Build-Your-Own-Membership model will work for you!

Will my YMCA membership fee ever increase?

The Scott County Family Y anticipates annual fee increases each calendar year to take effect in the fall of each year.  The membership fee increases will be minimal compared to the quality and value of services being extended to Y members.  Scott County Family Y members will have facilities to use and enjoy at the Davenport Family YMCA, North Family YMCA, West Family YMCA, Bettendorf Family YMCA, YMCA Camp Abe Lincoln’s aquatic complex and the Two Rivers YMCA in Moline.

Can I join the Y as a single facility user?  (i.e.  Become a member of one facility at a reduced fee.)

When you join the Scott County Family Y, you become a member of our association of YMCA’s.  This allows you facility access at all branches and programs and services throughout all of Scott County.

Is babysitting or childcare available at
the Davenport Family YMCA?

Babysitting (6 weeks – 6 years of age) will be scheduled and available in our “Childwatch” center next to the Welcome Center and is  included at no charge for all Family memberships.  This is a member service while you are working out or in a program.  A program fee will be assessed for childwatch  privileges for other Y memberships.

What amenities are available with the Men’s Fitness Center and the Women’s Fitness Center?

The Fitness Centers are upgraded adult locker rooms available only at the Davenport Family YMCA branch. They are available to all men and women for a monthly access fee. Each Fitness Center contains a member lounge as well as a private exercise area.  The large lockers are available for daily use and there are separate dry sauna rooms and individual whirlpool tubs in both fitness centers.  The men’s fitness center also features a steam room.  Both fitness centers offer towel service and grooming amenities.

Will there be extra fees to use certain parts of the YMCA facility?

Your YMCA membership gives you access to the whole YMCA facility during scheduled days and times, except for the Men’s Fitness Center and the Women’s Fitness Center as noted above. 

Will there be fees for programs and classes, such as swimming lessons, fitness classes and personal training?

YMCA member benefits include use of all our facilities and each one of our land and water fitness classes at no additional charge!  Members also receive a special member rate for all additional programs the YMCA offers.  Please refer to our online registration portal to search programming by YMCA branch location.  You'll find specific details related to program fee here.

Why do new member rates take effect in early September, while current member rates don't increase until later?

Due to the YMCA's program cycle, a large number of new members join immediately prior to and during the fall session. As a result, it is easier for the new joins to start paying the new rates immediately rather than notify them of higher rates shortly after joining.

Where does my membership fee go?

Membership fees cover the costs incurred for ensuring that your YMCA is able to offer you a quality facility with quality programs and services. Those costs include staffing, maintenance, operations and equipment.

Why does the YMCA raise its rates every year, and are you going to continue to do so?

The YMCA has had a practice of making modest annual increases. Members may anticipate that practice to continue to meet increasing operating costs including increased utility costs, as well as the cost of maintaining a strong staff team.

Is the money I pay used only at my branch?

The Scott County Family Y is an association of YMCAs.   As such, our organization is operated as a single entity to allow us to maximize efficiency and resources, ensuring that each of our branches remains strong to meet the needs of the community.

If I am not happy with the rate, what can I do?

We value your membership and will do all that we can to keep you satisfied. However, if for some reason you are not satisfied with your membership, the YMCA offers a satisfaction guarantee and we will refund the unused portion of your membership. We welcome all to participate and offer a scholarship program for those in financial need. More information is available at the Welcome Center of each branch

Do I get more for my membership now that I am paying more?

Each year, the YMCA improves the quality of our programs, services and facilities. Your membership is good at all metro Quad City YMCA facilities, so as our association grows, so do your opportunities to take advantage of Y programs and services. We've upgraded and will continue to upgrade fitness equipment at all our facilities and continue to add new classes. In addition, the YMCA is providing more opportunities for families than ever before. Family games, family swim & gym time and teen programming are all providing economical and safe places for families to grow together. As always, your YMCA membership includes preferred pricing and registration, free adult fitness classes, and free participation in many youth programs and so much more.

What types of operating costs does the rate increase cover?

The main operating expense covered by the membership fee  is staffing expenses. Hiring and retaining quality staff in today's competitive job market is increasingly expensive. In addition, the very nature of YMCA facilities, programs and services is staff-intensive, from the Welcome Center attendants when members walk through the door, to lifeguards in the aquatic center, to facility maintenance staff and beyond. The quality of each YMCA experience is depend­ent on many different staff members. In addition, the YMCA is not unaffected by increases in gas and electricity costs. Increased energy expenses impact our operating budget. But as responsible stewards, in all cases, we monitor expenses closely.

I know the YMCA raises funds to support community outreach activities. Will my money go to those activities?

No. Funds for community outreach programs and services are raised independent of membership fees through our annual “Partner With Youth” campaign and other private donations. If you are interested in supporting those activities, contact the financial development representative at your branch or the Association’s Financial Development Department at 563-322-7171.

I already give to the scholarship fund at the YMCA.
How does that money differ from my membership dollars?

Financial assistance dollars are people dollars—funds used to support people directly through membership and program scholarships or indirectly by underwriting critical programs—particularly for youth—that are not self-supporting.

Am I paying for all the new improvements I see around the Y?

A portion of membership fees are used for routine maintenance to ensure the quality of the facility. While some of your fee is also used to fund improvements, a good portion of the improvements are funded with donated dollars appropriated for that purpose.

Doesn't the YMCA receive United Way funding?
Where do those dollars go?

The YMCA does receive funding from the United Way. All of those dollars are used for specific youth programs.  Not for memberships.  The United Way has very specific guidelines for how those funds may be used and the YMCA complies with those guidelines in all cases.

I only use a certain facility or equipment. Why can't I pay a prorated fee and not use all services?

Several years ago, members were surveyed and a majority preferred an all-inclusive membership over an "a la carte" membership. As a result, we restructured our membership package to its current format. Follow-up surveys indicate that we are currently meeting a majority of members' needs with this package. Offering a menu of different membership options also poses major problems with limiting access to our facilities. Retrofitting our facilities and adding staff to administer multiple membership tiers would increase the rates for all membership types.