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Building a Bridge to a STRONGER COMMUNITY!

YMCA Capital Campaign will expand resources to further mission service throughout Eastern Iowa

Volunteer leaders like John Deere CEO Sam Allen and Von Maur President Jim von Maur have brought our community together behind the YMCA cause since 1858

From the Quad-City Times article by Thomas Geyer

Scott County Family Y CEO Brad Martell said Tuesday that he could not be more excited about the future as he opened the public portion of the organization's five-year, $4 million capital campaign.

Martell was one of several speakers who addressed an audience of about 100 people at the Y’s 156th anniversary celebration at the Davenport RiverCenter.

“We’ve already raised about $2.6 million,” he said. “What we’re doing is renovating our North, West and Davenport branch locations, modernizing them, making them a better experience by updating equipment as well as putting in new carpeting and painting.”

Of the $2.6 million in contributions and pledges, about $100,000 has come from Y staff members and $650,000 from the corporate board. The other $1.85 million is from other donors.

Martell said a big part of the capital program is renovating the Bettendorf branch. The Y has taken over 14,000 square-feet of space on the west side of the building at 3800 Tanglefoot Lane that previously was occupied by Genesis Health System.

  “We’re going to expand that and renovate that space into the Fitness Center and Kid Zone area and make that facility a 58,000 square-foot YMCA,” he said.

The Y had owned the note to the entire structure and has taken over the entire payment of the note. “We really need that space because we’re bursting at the seams,” said Y spokesman Frank Klipsch IV.

There also will be renovations at Camp Abe Lincoln that will include the addition of new programs and other attractions such as a zip line, Martell said.

Frank Klipsch, president of the Scott County Y Foundation, said the capital campaign, “Teach Values and Touching Lives,” means better services for all Y members.

Members of the Y are not just people “who have all the resources to provide for their own memberships, but through our income-based membership, we’re recruiting more and more people who need some financial assistance,” Klipsch said. “That’s what’s unique about the Y. The Y is inclusive.
“Just because someone is financially challenged doesn’t mean they don’t deserve good quality facilities,” he said. “Everyone will have top facilities available to them.”

The Y is serving a record number of members, he said. There usually are 30,000 members at any one time, but facilities serve upwards of 43,000 members throughout the year.

Quad-City Times Publisher Greg Veon told the audience that supporting the Y not only makes the community better, “but it also increases our audience. Young people will be encouraged to read more, and become better educated. Families will be more connected and engaged and older folks will live longer, healthier lives.

“All of this will culminate in more active citizens engaged in our news,” he said.

Tuesday's event was sponsored by the Times.

Don Doucette, chancellor of Eastern Iowa Community Colleges, compared the history of the YMCA to that of the community college. They both are about identifying the needs of the community, “and delivering great programs that are affordable to all.”

Of the many success stories that come out of the Y, a special one is that of Dozmen Lee. Now 17, he began going to the Y as a third-grader in the Davenport schools and eventually was in the Solutions Program when it was under the direction of the late Reece Morgan.

Dozmen, who is a junior at North and is preparing for basic training to enter the Iowa National Guard, works at the Y.

“The Y is an amazing place to work,” he said. “It’s fun to go to work every day at a place where people are doing amazing things. If the rest of the world would heed the Y’s four core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility, there would be no war or famine and there would be a lot less heartache in the world.”

On a separate note, the Y will break ground this summer on an early learning center located on a 13-acre site formerly owned by W.G. Block on East 4th Street between River Drive and Iowa Street, Martell said.

That project has been made possible by the Women’s Leadership Council, an arm of the United Way of the Quad-Cities.

Martell added that a new downtown Davenport Y is about eight years away.

For more information about the campaign, to make a gift or a multi-year plege, please contact Amy Marriott at 563 322 7171 or click here to email.